Angie Robinson

I am so very proud to introduce you to my good friend, Angie Robinson. From the first day we met via a group mastermind Zoom call, I knew there was something good about Angie. It didn't take me long to understand her goodness included talent as well. Angie has become my go-to person if I need an honest answer or a small piece of guidance. I know you will benefit from her knowledge and warmth as I have.

— Tim 

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About Angie

Angie Robinson is the owner of Angie Robinson Coaching & Consulting, LLC.  She is a leadership and life coach and talent development consultant, bringing over two decades of experience in Human Resources, Organizational Development, and Leadership Development.  Through self-awareness and skill-building, she guides individuals and teams in maximizing their leadership value, improving the workplace culture, and increasing team effectiveness.  She helps others gain clarity on what success looks like - helping them to manage their minds and uncover the barriers that get in the way.  As an avid Disney fan, the undertone of her work is built on the inspiration and story of Disney.  Angie holds her M.A. in Organizational Development & Change Leadership, is a certified life coach through The Life Coach School, and a certified Licensed Practitioner of the Insights Discovery® tool.  She lives in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota with her amazing husband and two awesome kids.